Why is Rizzuto no longer the official Rizzutos chat channel?

By SZN NewsOnline – 10 November 2016A chat channel run by the Rizzuti family in the village of Jumbuck has been banned after a video of its operator saying, “I will get the women, get the boys, get my girl, get me the girls, I will kill them all” was posted online.

The video was uploaded on Facebook on September 13.

The following day, the Riazutos posted a statement on their Facebook page, which read: “The family is saddened by the video which was shared on social media.

The family has no further comment to make at this time.

We ask that our followers respect the privacy of the Rizuto family and respect the Raziutos’ family members.

We will not comment further on the matter.”

The Riazuti family have been involved in a feud with the Razzuto family since the latter claimed they stole the Razuto name from the family in 2014.

Last month, Rizuti announced the launch of a new online chat channel, which was also banned by the family.

“The family will continue to fight this issue and will not accept any form of censorship.

The Rizutos will not tolerate the abuse of this channel,” they said.

In their Facebook post, the family said they would not tolerate any abuse from the public on their channel.

“We are sorry for any upset we caused to anyone,” they added.

The Rizzuttos have previously criticised the Rozuto clan in the past.

“They used the word ‘razzuto’ in a derogatory manner, a word that is very insulting to the Rrazutos, to say that they have been forced to become a Razzutos,” they wrote in a letter to the family last year.

“It is very regrettable that our family has been targeted by the media.

It is very unfortunate that the Rzizutas, a very good family, has been taken advantage of in this way.

We have already had our name stolen from us by a malicious individual and this has affected our family for years.”

The family had previously made threats to burn down their house in 2016, and they had accused the Ruzuto clan of having a history of using abusive language and threatening violence.

The family has said they are working to “defend our rights”, but the ban is seen as a response to their threat.

In the past, Riazuto have also been known to use abusive language towards Razzuti members and have attacked the Rzzuto family in front of members of the public.

Last year, the couple had to flee the country after Rizutti said they were being intimidated by the clan.

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