When you get the NFL’s best, it’s not just about what you can do for the team

We’re going to give you our list of the best players from every NFL franchise.

And there are some truly incredible players.

First up is the San Francisco 49ers, who are currently in a two-game losing streak.

This isn’t the most fun time to be a 49ers fan.

There are always the offseason free agents and the offseason draft.

But the 49ers have not had to worry about that in recent years.

The team has a great roster that includes the best young talent in the league, along with the team’s best offensive linemen.

If this is the year, I’m going to say the 49er defense is in the top five.

That’s a lot of talent, so the offense should get better with more talent.

The other reason the 49 is in a winning streak is because they have the best quarterback in the NFL in Alex Smith.

Smith is one of the league’s top quarterbacks, but he has never had the best offense.

That should change this year, and it’s going to be even better with him in the mix.

But he’s not going to make up for the lack of talent on defense.

Smith has the talent to be great, but the 49 are going to need more production out of their offensive line, which is a position that has been in a state of flux lately.

But with this roster, they’re going have a great chance.

Now, here’s the problem: The 49ers are not the only team to have a top five defense.

The Detroit Lions have a similar set of talent in Calvin Johnson and Ndamukong Suh, and they’re still a good defense.

But if you think about it, the Lions have more pieces than the 49s do.

Detroit has Calvin Johnson, Suh and two first-round picks.

The 49er roster is built to allow those pieces to flourish, and so the Lions will have to get creative to get better.

That doesn’t mean that they can’t have some success on offense, though.

The Lions have the most productive running back in the draft, Theo Riddick, and a quarterback with the potential to be one of NFL’s top two or three quarterbacks in the next two to three years.

And if they can find a quarterback who can be a complete game player and be able to take pressure off of a young running back, they’ll be good.

The problem with this defense is that it’s really only good if they have an effective quarterback.

The defense will probably be the worst in the NFC, and that’s probably a good thing.

I’ve already said that this defense needs to get more athletic.

The front seven should be a little better, but I can’t think of a better way to do that than to put two or more of the young players in the box.

That way, the rest of the defense can get better without having to worry too much about getting injured.

The best way to make the defense better is to have an athletic quarterback who understands the defense.

That can be the difference between a good season and a bad one.

If you can get that player, you’re in a great spot.

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