‘You Can Be Anything’: The World’s Most Famous Quotes and Memes

The Quotes of the Year, and the Memes are in full effect, and this year’s meme is the one we’re here to talk about.

Read on for the top 10 quotes of 2016, and learn how the memes have helped you make better decisions.1.

“You Can be anything” – Justin Bieber1.

‘I feel like it’s just like a dream’ – Justin Timberlake1.

“‘I’ve been to the moon’ – Neil Armstrong” – John Lennon” ‘I’m so lucky to have you’ – Bill Gates” ‘You can be anything’ – The Beatles” ‘Don’t tell me to shut up’ – Beyonce” ‘This is the most important day of my life’ – President Donald Trump” ‘The world’s biggest problem is our love’ – Lady Gaga” ‘Everything that I’ve ever been’ – George Orwell” ‘Let me get this straight’ – John Belushi” ‘If you’re going to be my friend, you better make it fun’ – Toni Morrison” ‘Can you hear me now?’

– Madonna” ‘We’re in this together’ – Tom Hanks” ‘Been waiting my whole life for this moment’ – Taylor Swift” ‘No one has ever been so beautiful’ – Rihanna” ‘What would you do if you were an octopus’ – Miley Cyrus” ‘Love conquers all’ – Steve Jobs” ‘There are no wrong answers’ – Richard Branson” ‘It’s a little bit weird but I like the way you smile’ – Adele” ‘My body is like a sponge’ – Mariah Carey” ‘So this is my life story’ – Leonardo DiCaprio” ‘Take a breath’ – Billy Joel” ‘Every day is the same, but every day is better’ – Prince” ‘Everyone loves a winner’ – Will Smith” ‘Oh no, the rain is coming down’ – Michael Jackson” ‘Why are people scared?’

– Steve Carell” ‘Your job is to be me’ – Ben Affleck” ‘All of the sudden I feel so beautiful!’

– Adrien Brody” ‘Happiness is an experience’ – Kanye West” ‘Sometimes, in the dark, the world becomes clear’ – Frank Sinatra” ‘Never change, never change’ – Bob Dylan” ‘Stay strong’ – Diddy” ‘That’s why I’m a loser’ – Bruce Springsteen” ‘Make it happen’ – Eminem” ‘Nothing is impossible’ – Madonna (singing)” ‘I can do it all’ – Tom Cruise” ‘Forget me’ – MileyCandy” ‘He’s my daddy, he’s my hero’ – David Bowie” ‘Boys like me’ (singling)” ‘You’re the best’ – Kylie Minogue” ‘Just like I was’ – Mark Ronson” ‘Now I feel like I’m nothing’ – Nicki Minaj” ‘A little bit of everything’ – Drake” ‘When you do what you love, it’s not always easy’ – Katy Perry” ‘Thank you for coming out of the closet’ – Selena Gomez” ‘How can I say no’ – Cher” ‘Loving people is love’ – Taylor Swift(in the form of a video)’I’m a bit of a coward’ – Lorde” ‘Get up, get up’ – Justin Bieber” ‘She’ll be back’ – Elton John” ‘God, I miss you so much’ – Chris Brown” ‘Life is good, it was good, we were all lucky’ – Timbaland” ‘Keep working hard’ – K.

Flay” ‘Look what I did for you’ – David Bowie(in a video)” ‘All I ever wanted to do was be loved by you’- David Bowie, singer, songwriter, producer, and rapper, aka Biggie” ‘And you’ll be missed’ – Whitney Houston” ‘Everybody knows it’s true, they’re right’ – Britney Spears” ‘Dude, that’s a really cool name’ – Adam Levine” ‘Do what you gotta do’ – Jay Z(singing)’No one can change me’- Whitney Houston(singling)’It’s all about the love’- Miley Crenshaw” ‘Suck it, girl, suck it’ – Carrie Underwood” ‘Where do you want to go?’

– Drake(singlinearly)” ‘Just don’t say no to me’  – Beyoncé(sing) ‘I love you sooo much’- Taylor Swift’I feel so lucky’- Tom Petty (in a recording studio)’The only way I can say no is to stay on this road’ – Kelly Clarkson(singinearly)”‘When life gives you lemons, you know what to do with them’ – Stevie Wonder(

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