Obama administration is ‘playing games’ with US border security to keep guns out of the hands of criminals

President Barack Obama and his senior administration officials have repeatedly told Americans to trust the border security teams they oversee to do the right thing.

But the administration is in a bind when it comes to gun sales and access to the military.

The Department of Homeland Security, which oversees the US’s border security and interior departments, is now being criticized for having failed to protect the nation’s borders.

While it is allowed to sell military equipment to anyone on a visa, the Trump administration has not permitted that to happen.

On Friday, the department announced a new policy that would prevent DHS from selling to people on visa-exempt visas or who have been approved for entry to the United States.

Critics say this rule has the effect of forcing many people who are not approved to go through a process that requires them to fill out a form with government officials.

Trump has previously defended the policy, saying the administration wants to make it harder for criminals and others to get guns.

As for whether it is working, the policy’s critics say it is.

They say the administration needs to get rid of the visa-entry requirements for people who want to buy weapons, and allow those on visas to buy guns.

The president has said the policies have reduced gun violence and deaths in the United Kingdom.

According to an Associated Press analysis of FBI data, from 2011 to 2018, there were 17,000 mass shootings in the US and 20,000 domestic gun homicides.

The AP found that a total of 3,844 Americans were killed by guns in 2016.

“This administration is playing games with the American people’s trust in border security by allowing people to buy firearms at the border without having to go to a background check,” said Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., who introduced the bill.

Some border security experts say that the policy is an overreach.

For the last few years, the administration has been trying to make its border security policies more efficient by limiting who can enter the country and who can’t, said David Klinger, a former deputy director of the National Security Council under former President George W. Bush.

That means restricting the number of visa-holders and restricting the type of guns that can be sold.

The Department of Justice, meanwhile, is trying to enforce a rule that bars the sale of guns to people who do not have a visa.

It has not yet decided how it will enforce this new policy, but Klinger said the new DHS policy is not working as intended.

In fact, some border security officials said the Trump-led administration is encouraging people to go back to the old system of checking people’s visas before they enter the United State, which was cumbersome and expensive.

DHS has made it clear that if the Trump Administration does not want to use the visa system, they will have to use another way to enforce the rule, said Matthew Wright, a retired Homeland Security official.

A group of Republicans on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee said the administration should reconsider the policy.

The DHS policy “is a major red flag,” said Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R.-Iowa.

“It’s not a good policy.

And it should be revised.”

He said the department should allow a visa-check only for those who meet certain criteria and that the department could use other means to enforce its policy.

He also urged the department to reconsider its policy of restricting people from buying guns.

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