Which IRC channels are currently running?

Posted November 13, 2018 08:09:07The internet is in an uproar about the controversial #MeToo campaign that’s led to women speaking out about sexual harassment.

The #MeFlame hashtag is trending worldwide with some women saying they’ve been sexually harassed by powerful men on the internet.

But which IRC channels have women using?

And what are the consequences if a woman decides to talk to a man on an IRC channel?

We spoke to the chief executive of a popular IRC channel and his experience as a male CEO in the video below.

The video was produced by Nick Waugh, CEO of the Australian Women’s Media Group.

He said while there were some good IRC channels for women, they weren’t all that popular.

He told us women were “very careful” in choosing their IRC channels.

“We had a couple of women who chose to come up with their own channels, and then they’d get very, very annoyed with us,” he said.

“There’s nothing wrong with a channel that’s aimed at women, but we’re very careful in how we’re setting up it and in how our channel is moderated.

We do it carefully, but I would argue that the number of channels that are for men is very, particularly if you look at the number that are specifically geared towards women.”

He said there were “a few” channels specifically geared to women that are popular.

“It’s definitely a niche community, but the vast majority of people who are using them are women,” he told the ABC.

The chief executive said women in the chat room were “really passionate about what they do” and he said he was proud of the channel’s community.

“If you look around the channel there are a few women who are actually making a living off it,” he added.

“They are doing all kinds of things, and they’re really passionate about it.”

He advised people to “be careful about who you invite” and avoid asking women if they want to chat.

“As a woman I think you have to be careful, as a woman you shouldn’t be inviting women to chat, but as a man you shouldn’ be inviting men,” he explained.

“But I think there are some really good, really good channels for men that I wouldn’t necessarily exclude them from.”

Read moreAbout Nick WoughtonNick Waugh has been CEO of Australian Women in Communications since 2012.

He’s also the president of the ABC Media Group, which includes The Australian and the Newsroom.


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