How to be a better boss

It was a Sunday morning when a young woman sat in her car, her mother’s white Porsche, and pulled up to the driveway of her father’s home.

She was a graduate student at the University of California, Berkeley, studying the impact of climate change on California.

The woman was looking for something to do that day.

She didn’t have any money, but she had a passion for her studies.

And, after she was accepted into the program, she made a promise to herself: “I will go back to school every year to study how to be an effective boss.” 

In 2016, the woman left home and found a job at a health food store.

She spent her days selling hot dogs, serving customers in her parking lot and helping her husband take care of their daughter, and she earned a little extra money by doing so.

But that’s when she met a man who changed everything.

“He was like, ‘I can’t believe I’ve found someone like you!'” 

For years, the couple had lived in a trailer park in California, and each year, the two would come home from work to find a cardboard box sitting in the garage.

They were a match made in heaven. 

“I had been living alone in a small, cramped trailer for a long time, and now I had someone who was so kind, so open-minded and so passionate about what I wanted to do with my life,” the young woman says.

“I could not have asked for a better partner.” 

But the woman wasn’t finished.

She had a daughter who was a senior in high school, and for years, she’d had no idea how much her husband cared about her.

She’d come home and he’d been staring at her, looking down at her feet.

When she tried to tell him she was pregnant, he wouldn’t listen. 

The couple moved back to Berkeley in 2015, and when the climate started to change, she felt a great sense of relief.

But it was the moment that made her realize how far her husband’s world had come.

“It was a real shift,” she says. 

For her, it was a big deal that her husband wanted to be involved in a project that was not just about him.

“For me, it meant that he could be part of the change in the world, and I could see myself working alongside him and being a part of that change.” 

What would he do if he were able to?

He was a master at multitasking.

So the couple set about getting him into the project.

They set up a meeting at a coffee shop in Berkeley, where he brought his laptop to work.

After the meeting, he left his laptop at the cafe and began to work through his presentation.

Then he went to a nearby grocery store and picked up a bag of groceries. 

It wasn’t long before he began talking about climate change. 

He asked about the impacts on the environment, the impacts of rising temperatures, and the impact on our health. 

As the couple spoke, they noticed that his voice seemed to be coming from the backseat of the car.

The conversation grew more personal, as they spoke about their own struggles with mental illness and other issues.

The two began to share their thoughts about the effects of climate on people in general.

The discussion continued with their understanding that they’d been able to change their lives, and they both had a new appreciation for the power of collaboration.

“We had this vision for how we could make a difference, and we were able,” she said.

“And that was really rewarding.” 

The next day, the pair got into the car and headed to the Berkeley Zoo, where the two were to meet a group of climate activists.

As they drove, they heard something unusual happen: the driver’s door swung open, revealing a man, in his mid-20s, dressed in a suit and tie.

He stopped to talk to the couple and gave the couple a thumbs-up.

“That was a great moment,” she remembers. 

By the time they arrived at the zoo, the man had changed into a suit. 

When he introduced himself to the two women, he spoke in a deep, commanding voice.

“My name is Gavin Schmidt, and here’s what I want to do for you.” 

“We’re looking for a scientist,” he said. 

With a handshake, the young couple took their seats. 

They had arrived at a conference center, which the man explained was a large, open space that housed all sorts of exhibits.

The man began explaining the various ways that the climate was changing.

“You’re not going to believe what’s happening,” he told the young women. 

Eventually, they met Gavin Schmidt.

They talked for an hour.

“When I first met Gavin, I thought, ‘This guy’s crazy,'” she says, “and now I’m a scientist.” 

He was wearing a white shirt, dark jeans and a black

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