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Hey, we’ve got some bad news for you: You’ll never get hired.

But this time, you’ll get a nice vacation.

And you’ll have the chance to learn some cool stuff.

So, get ready for a bit of “bad news” and a “nice vacation.”

Here’s what you need to know.


You’ll be at a desk for five hours and be paid $5 per hour.


You will have to use a smartphone and the internet during your workday.


You have to be able to work up to three hours per day.


You’re going to have to keep your computer running at all times.


You may have to wear a mask during your breaks and meetings.


You must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol during your vacation.


You are not allowed to share your work computer with anyone except for your boss.


You can’t have a drink during your stay, unless it’s at your boss’s house.


You cannot share your computer with a co-worker for a week.


You don’t have to have an iPad during your working hours.


You won’t be able, during your entire stay, to use the internet.


Your boss will only have access to your computer.


You and your co-workers will only be allowed to take a 30-minute lunch break after your first 30 minutes of work.


Your co-work colleague will be able only to see your work-related email and text messages.


You aren’t allowed to have a shower after your lunch break.


If you don’t like what your boss sees during your lunch breaks, you will have the option to leave the office.


If your boss makes a joke or makes a comment about your looks, you won’t have the choice to cut it off or tell the boss that you don’s’t want to work with him.


You might be given a phone call to make you feel uncomfortable or uncomfortable.


If there is an employee with you, you can ask the boss for a break and go to work again if the manager feels like you aren’t being helpful enough.


You need to be in a comfortable, quiet area for your work.

If the work environment is too loud, you may have a hard time staying focused.


You probably won’t feel comfortable when you’re not in a meeting room.


You want to be on a computer when you leave the building.


You only get one phone call a day.

You still get to answer calls on the phone.


You work from home on weekends.


You wear a microphone and earbuds to record the conversations you have with your co and other employees.


You take a break from work every day and have the right to call your boss at any time.


If a coworker is drunk, they are responsible for any alcohol they may have consumed during your break.

They must not touch the co-author’s or anyone else’s computer.

They also have to stop any work that involves the coauthor.


If they make a comment on your appearance or the way you walk or talk, you are allowed to laugh or take a picture of it. 29.

If someone asks you a question you don´t want to answer, you need the opportunity to answer their question.


If any employee makes a rude comment on you or on your work attire, you have to respond immediately.

You also have the opportunity, after your break, to leave a voicemail message for the co.worker who made the comment.


If anyone asks you to do something you are not comfortable doing, you must agree.


If it’s important to you to work on your computer, you should be able go on a work-from-home holiday.


If, after working at your job for a day or two, you decide to leave, you’re responsible for paying for your own vacation.

If that’s not an option, you still have to pay for your vacation through your company’s employee benefits plan.


If an employee asks you for money, you also have a right to refuse to give them it.

You should be given the option of telling them that you’ll not give them money or asking them to get the money themselves.


If staff members make rude comments, you shouldn’t be subjected to them.


If management tells you that you’re going home, you owe them your full vacation pay.

If managers don’t provide a vacation pay package to

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